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Serbia`s second-largest metropolis is a lively city of curious contrasts and the central city of southern Serbia at the intersection of the roads of the East and West with a high number of university students.

Niš is very well connected by road since it is situated at a European crossroads. The European highway E-75 coming from Hungary branches in two directions near Niš: towards the south, Macedonia and Greece (E-80) and towards the east, along Nišava valley, toward Bulgaria, Turkey and further on to the Middle East. Extending from Niš there are also roads to the northwest (toward, Kladovo and Timisoara in Romania) and the southwest (toward the Adriatic Sea).

International Airport “Constantine the Great” in Nis is the second largest airport in Serbia, and thanks to the numerous flights that have connected Niš with bigger cities in Europe tourists are enabled to come to Niš at very affordable prices.

For more information about the city of Niš, please visit the website of the tourist organization Niš