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Entrance Exam

The entrance exam consists of two written exams, one in Biology and one in Chemistry. Applicants must pass the entrance exam to be admitted to the course. The passing mark (acceptance pass mark) at the entrance exam is 51% (i.e. 31 points out of 60 points possible). For more information on entrance exam please refer to our website at entrance exam.

Entrance Exam Dates: 13.10.2022.

Location: Faculty of Medicine, Blvd. Dr Zorana Djindjica 81, 18108 Nis, Serbia

The final scoring of applicants who met the admissions eligibility criteria will be based on the written entrance exam scores. As soon as possible after the exam, the final list of candidates will be published at the official website of the Faculty of medicine Nis. Applicants may also be notified of the Committee’s decision by means of e-mail or postal mail (but never by telephone).

Among all candidates who passed the entrance exam, the first 57 candidates (or less based on the number of available posts at the second term of entrance examination) will be accepted to be enrolled in the first year of the studies in English. Accepted applicant will then be required to register and submit all necessary documents to the Office of Student Affairs.

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